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Officially licensed by Bluehole, the mobile version of PUBG is here!

Winner of the Google Play 2018 "Game of the Year" award, "User Choice Awards", "Most Competitive" Awards, Game of the Year by the Golden Joystick Awards 2018 for mobile gaming.

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The mobile version is developed by Unreal 4 Engine, and faithfully produces the PC experience on your mobile device, with high-quality, 1: 1 high-quality versions of Eringle, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok. Take part in the classic Battle Royale mode of 100 players, or in various alternative modes for a short, fast and entertaining match. Enjoy realistic bullets and weapon behavior in single, group or squad mode. To win a delicious chicken dinner!

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"Very cool" - IGN

"It is a nice." - Pocket Gamer

"Keeps the players back" - Vice

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Game features

1. The officially approved mobile version of PUBG

Officially certified by PUBG, the mobile version is an ideal version of the PC experience. Go on the battlefield and collect resources and items as you take part in the massive Battle Royale 100-player experience. Can you survive?

2. The battlefields are detailed, varied and realistic

From Eringle to Miramar, and Vikendi to Sanhok, you can experience huge and exquisitely detailed maps with a wide range of battlefield environments, day and night courses, and random weather, to experience a more realistic battle field than ever before.

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3. Quality AAA grade unit, free to play on your mobile device

Developed with Unreal 4 Engine, PUBG Mobile delivers quality control quality to your mobile device with a highly detailed and realistic visual experience.

Enjoy superior audio experience with true 3D sound effects, 7.1 channel sound and HD real-time voice chat.

4. A wide range of realistic weapons

Sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles - call it whatever you like, we have. Dozens of realistic firearms, a wealth of attachments, and realistic bullets with that solid "gravity" with every shot - choose your favorite weapon, and fight to the bitter end. What is this, I told you you like frying pans? Guess what we have. We also have this.

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5. Play in first-person or third-person perspective

Classic third-person perspective, or the most immersive first-person perspective - the choice is yours.

6. Ride across land, sea and air in a variety of vehicles

Large collection of meticulously reproduced compounds, each with its own strengths and features. Find your favorite vehicle!

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7. A wide range of entertainment modes for a fast, action-packed experience

If you get bored of the classic Battle Royale game for some reason - not sure why - there are tons of different game modes that provide a different feel. Would you like to get fast-paced games, shorter games and a fast gaming experience? We have what you need, and there are always zombies in need of killing!

8. One click team up with friends from all over the world

Single, Dual, and Squad - One click is all you need to work with players from anywhere in the world!

9. Fair and balanced gameplay with strong anti-fraud control

A powerful anti-fraud mechanism ensures fair and smooth gameplay.

It is not just a game. It is a battle for survival.

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Download game PUBG MOBILE APK|Android