Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G6100 Firmware

Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G6100 Firmware

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SAMSUNG Firmware
refers to the applications and operating system that control how a Samsung Smartphone operates. It is called firmware rather than software to highlight that it is very closely tied to the particular hardware components of a device. Firmware updates are sometimes provided by a company as a way to fix bugs or introduce new functionality.

G6100ZHU1AQC1 / ZZH1AQC1 v6.0.1 Hong Kong From Here

G6100ZCU1AQB1 / CHC1AQB1 v6.0.1 China From Here

G6100ZCU1BRA2 / CHC1BRA2 v7.0 China From Here

G6100ZHU1BRA1 / ZZH1BRA1 v7.0 Hong Kong From Here

G6100ZHU1BRF2 / ZZH1BRF2 v7.0 Hong Kong From Here

G6100ZCS2BRH1 / CHC2BRH1 v7.0 China From Here

G6100ZHS2BRH1 / ZZH2BRH1 v7.0 Hong Kong From Here

G6100ZCU2CRI1 / CHC2CRI1 v8.0.0 China From Here

G6100ZHU2CRI8 / ZZH2CRI8 v8.0.0 Hong Kong From Here

Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G6100 Firmware