How to get rid of Belly Fat

Belly Fat and health problems

It is known that obesity is associated with health problems, but what everyone may not know is that obesity does not only mean the accumulation of fat in the entire body, but a person can be considered obese if the fat accumulates in a specific area of ​​his body, such as Belly Fat, and is considered a fat area Belly Fat is the most dangerous to human health, as it is the internal fat surrounding the organs that cause problems, and obesity is generally associated with a high death rate, and a study that included more than a million adults found that a high BMI is associated with a high death rate from all causes in all age stages.

In spite of this there are some people with obesity who all have normal metabolism processes, but this type of obesity is often characterized by early infection and the multiplication of the number of natural fat cells and the absence of quantities that exceed the normal level of internal fat surrounding the organs that are associated with healthy obesity problems, Although this is present in a limited number of groups, obesity is generally considered unhealthy and associated with the incidence of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer, and arthrosis Mai (Osteoarthritis) and liver disease, so the risk of injury brings these diseases and worse the higher the level of obesity, and obesity can reduce immunity against bacteria and viruses infection.

Studies show that the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area is closely related to insulin resistance, in addition to high blood lipids and high blood pressure, and therefore this type of obesity is associated with metabolic syndrome.

How to get rid of Belly Fat

One of the most important goals that must be taken into account when treating obesity in all its forms that includes treating Belly Fat is to focus on achieving the best possible weight in light of maintaining health, and should not focus on losing weight and reaching the ideal weight or losing a very large portion of fat The body, as this is inappropriate or not possible in some cases. Depending on the degree of obesity, age and existing lifestyle, achieving an average weight loss gives good results in improving the health status. Even losing 5% to 10% of the body's basic weight improves the health status and reduces health problems related to obesity, and in one study it was found that a loss 10% of the body weight improves blood lipid even though the patients were still carrying 20 kg of extra weight, in addition to increasing life expectancy.

One of the biggest problems facing people with obesity is the goals implanted in their minds about the weight that they should reach, where their goals are in many cases unrealistic, illogical and difficult to achieve, and therefore the nutritionist must modify the idea of the goal in the mind of the obese person until access becomes It is possible and achievable.

Solutions to get rid of Belly Fat include a healthy, balanced and varied diet for losing weight, exercising, adjusting lifestyle and behaviors, and obtaining psychological support, as the combination of these methods and a focus on radically treating behaviors and lifestyle achieve success in maintaining weight loss on Long-term, unlike plans to lose weight and Belly Fat that depend on temporary and rapid solutions and that fail to achieve real changes in lifestyle, where a person often recovers the weight he lost after the end of the time period of the plan he followed, and this means the failure of the plan.
To achieve weight loss and get rid of Belly Fat, a low calorie diet should be followed for the daily needs that a person must eat to maintain his weight, but the diet should not be significantly low in calories, and it must be balanced, varied and comprehensive for all food groups to provide daily needs Of all the nutrients, the lack of diet in this diversification indicates that it is not correct, and it should be noted here that it is necessary to know that there is no specific diet specifically for the disposal of Belly Fat or any other area of ​​the body. It is also necessary to adhere to regular exercise and make it part of the lifestyle, especially aerobic sport, for which studies have found important effects in getting rid of internal belly fat.

To modify the lifestyle in a way that helps to get rid of the Belly Fat, a nutritionist can be used to assess the errors in the current lifestyle and to develop appropriate plans and strategies to solve them, as these steps and changes must be gradual so that the person can enter them little by little in his daily life without feeling that he has done a job Suddenly large, boring, or difficult changes in his daily life, and these changes must be accompanied by nutritional education that encourages the person to accept and understand the changes, and it is possible to use the method of writing daily behaviors from the time of waking up to the time and place of eating meals, and m It does not exercise from physical activities until he goes to sleep, with a description of his feelings and emotions accompanying these behaviors, as this method helps the therapist to evaluate the person's condition and make appropriate changes, and it also helps the person himself in assessing himself and his mistakes, such as the problem of emotional eating, and trying to find solutions An alternative to treat it, so that several solutions are developed for each problem and the most appropriate solution is chosen, then the success of this solution is evaluated, and in the event that it does not work, one of the alternative solutions is used, and so on.

Tips to get rid of belly rumble

The following points include some general advice that helps in losing weight and getting rid of Belly Fat:

  • Eat your food slowly, and be sure to chew well, as the signal of satiety arrives late 20 minutes, which may cause the person who is eating his food quickly to eat more than he needs before he feels the fullness that can be achieved by eating less when eating slowly . Place the spoon and fork between the bites, and talk a little with the ones.
  • Place the spoon and fork between the bites, and talk a little with the ones.
  • Put in half the serving you are allowed to start with so that you can add food when you finish the first course.
  • Make sure to replace milk and full-fat milk products with those with little or no fat.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep, as it was found that insufficient sleep causes negative changes in metabolism and contributes to weight gain.
  • Only eat at times and places designated for that.
  • Be sure to be in positive environments that provide you with psychological support in your journey to lose weight.


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How to get rid of Belly Fat