The fastest way to Lose Belly Fat

Health and obesity

 There is a lot of search for ways to get rid of obesity, especially those that cause the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, or what is known as Belly Fat, and while the motive behind the search for ways to get rid of Belly Fat may be an aesthetic and formal goal for many, especially women, the interest in this type of obesity It has other dimensions that are more important, namely the association of moderate obesity (the accumulation of fat in the upper half of the body, that is, in the abdominal area) to the high risk of many chronic diseases and death, as it increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and some Cancers. The Belly Fat usually appears due to the increase in weight, which is caused by eating calories in greater quantities than the body needs in addition to the lack of physical activity. Also, obesity and fat accumulation in the abdominal area can appear and other reasons such as hormonal imbalance in the body and some health problems.

Distribution of body fat

 Fat is stored in the body in different areas, and the body is described in one of the following two descriptions according to the area of ​​fat accumulation, where the body is called apple if the fat accumulates in the upper half of the body, i.e. in the abdominal region, while the body is called the pear description in the case of fat accumulation in The lower half of the body, i.e. in the hip and buttocks, and in general the apple body shape is more prevalent in men and women after menopause, while the pear shape is more prevalent in women of childbearing age, but that does not prevent the presence of the two forms in the sexes, and the shape is related Apples raise the risk of more disease NH, while the figure PEAR does not cause an increase in the risk of disease in general.

The natural proportions of fats in the human body are from 8% to 24% in men, and from 21% to 35% in women, as part of these fats is essential and necessary for the body in order to perform its physiological functions naturally, and the percentage of fat in people with overweight increases Obesity is normal.

Obesity and Moderate Obesity Scale (Belly Fat)

 To find out if a person has moderate obesity, his weight must first be taken and evaluated according to the BMI, which is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the square of the length in meters, and the weight is considered normal if the BMI is between 18.5 kg / m² to 24.9 kg / m², A person is considered overweight if the BMI is between 25 kg / m² to 29.9 kg / m², while he is considered obese if the BMI is 30 kg / m² or more, then to find out the distribution of his body fat, and whether he has moderate obesity The waist circumference must be measured, which is a strong indication of a person's chance of developing ailments Menna, and the women's natural waist circumference is 88 cm and less, and men have 102 cm or less.

Getting rid of belly fat

 Recent scientific research supports the close relationship between exercising and its effect on lowering abdominal fat in particular, as many studies have found a direct relationship between aerobic exercise and the loss of internal abdominal fat weight, which would improve health indicators and reduce the risk of chronic diseases associated with it. Moderate obesity, as some studies suggest the ability of aerobic exercises to reduce abdominal fat even without producing a weight loss, but these studies are not sufficient and need to support other scientific studies, as it was found that aerobic exercises should be practiced for a period of time. Less than 10 hours per week for several weeks until a significant loss of abdominal fat.

Also, getting rid of belly fat and relieving Belly Fat by losing weight, which requires all the foundations of weight loss, which includes the work of a food diet that gives fewer calories than the body burns daily, in addition to exercising, changing lifestyle, and nutritional behaviors for the better. A nutritionist can be used to enable the person to develop a realistic and logical plan that introduces gradual changes in the lifestyle so that the person can continue on it and not feel bored and frustrated, and the diet is considered the most effective way to reach personal Of weight.

Among the methods that can be used to achieve weight loss are:

  •   Increasing the number of meals consumed daily versus working to make each meal smaller, and this is done provided that the total caloric intake per day is at least 500 calories less than the daily needs of the body and without falling below the minimum that must be consumed per day (basic metabolic rate) And a nutritionist can be used to help calculate the amount of calories that must be eaten daily and distribute them to different meals correctly in order to gain weight loss.
  • In addition to reducing caloric intake, focus should be on reducing the amount of fat, as this alone reduces the caloric intake and contributes to weight loss. Examples include consuming skim milk instead of whole fat, adopting low-fat dairy products, and adding Very simple amounts of fat while preparing food, removing chicken skin before cooking it, and avoiding high-fat meats.
  • Drink sufficient quantities of water, so that two liters of water should be consumed daily as a minimum, and increase this amount in case the weather is hot or if the person does exercise.
  • Focus on eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Slow eating, this can be achieved by chewing well and using a fork or a small spoon instead of a large one. Water can also be drunk while eating, and spoons and forks are placed slightly between each bite and the second.
  • It is also possible to drink some herbal teas that contribute to increasing the rate of fat burning in the body, such as green tea. In order to get rid of the Belly Fat as quickly as possible, all of the above must be combined, in addition to determination, determination and patience, until the goal is reached.

A mixture that can help relieve Belly Fat

 In addition to the aforementioned steps, it is possible to use some recognized herbs or foods that have been mentioned in the scientific evidence as their ability or what indicates their ability to help in losing weight, taking into account that these foods or herbs cannot be relied upon for weight loss, but can be added to The above steps are mentioned, especially since they are loaded with many other health benefits. For example, you can make a mixture of garlic and hot red pepper and add a little to one of your daily meals, as each of them can help you lose weight.


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The fastest way to Lose Belly Fat