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Dark Lands is a two-dimensional, flat, kinematic game where you control a hero from ancient Greece who has to find his way through a dark and dangerous world by relying only on the speed of his intuition and the severity of his loyal sword.

The gameplay is very simple: the hero always moves forward, and you can just jump or slide by swiping your finger correctly on the screen. As for attacking your enemies, it is enough to tap the screen. You can even intercept them by using your sword by clicking with your thumbs.

As you progress into the Dark Lands world, you can improve your hero skills. Through the increase in the duration of his life, as well as the increase in the size of the damage, which he causes whenever he attacks, and the lightness of his movement as well. In addition, you can purchase new equipment, such as swords and shields.

The graphics in Dark Lands are stunning. It combines two characters in black and white with hand-drawn backgrounds, which gives a sense of depth. In addition, the way the hero and his enemies move is very smooth and realistic.

Dark Lands is an excellent flat game in terms of mobility because it combines direct and sophisticated mechanics at the same time with excellent aesthetic and content employing, so as to keep you entertained for hours and hours.

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Download game Dark Lands
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