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Subway Surfers is an action game with an action very similar to Temple Run, where you have to escape from the police inside a dangerous and abandoned train station, where the trains pass by very fast. You have to be careful.

Unlike Temple Run, in Subway Surfers, you don't control your character with acceleration. On the contrary, you have to move your character between three lines by moving your finger across the screen. Indeed, you can jump on the barriers and roll on the ground to avoid others. You can also use machines like flying beams or skateboards to help you in your never-ending race.

As you would expect from these types of games, you must complete different missions where you can get coins to buy upgrades. This is not new, but fun.

Filming in Subway Surfers is so great that sometimes it lags behind in some stations that are not powerful. Really personal and structure models are a real treat.

Subway Surfers is an entertaining game with simple and addictive running. It makes you stick to the screen for hours trying to defeat your friends ’records, which you can check online
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Download the game Subway Surfers APK