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clash of robots mod apk


Fight only the best robots in the Robot Clash!
With robots clash, get ready for action packed real-time multiplayer combat of nodes! Combine your human intelligence with robust power, flexibility and tactics in this futuristic robotic game. Engage with the enemy, spot their weakness, craft a strategy and dive into this battle and give 100% to get the sparkle rewards. Join the PVP epic battles against rivals from all over the world!
Futuristic Vits
clash of robots mod apk 
Register in career mode to fight one-on-one in 3 rounds of learning moves. Rule the robotic world to get maximum benefits in championship mode. Climb to the leaderboards of Robot Clash to be the most respected fighter of all of them! You can also join the league to play with one fighter one on one from all over the world! Win challenges and display your achievements in every new cup room.
Top the fighting back!
Enjoy smooth melee combat mechanism and teach your robot some sick moves in this skill based on combat system. Throw your robot rivals off the game with hard hitting attacks and tantalizing moves. Unleash your robot rage with deadly competitions, ubercuts and special moves against rivals to win world championship belts, collect prizes and knockout all opponents!
Icatching moves
Want to win the battle with the smartest moves? Then open a unique knockout attack from your robot and use it for maximum effect! Each of the fighters is assigned 40 grappling attacks like Power Punch, Death Attack and Mega Trumpble! This perfect balance of imagination, realism and combat physics is sure to spice up the game for an amazing show! Fill in your power bar to unleash special deadly attacks to supreme rule in combat!
Defense installation
Create a war machine to suit your playing style as many possible combinations of robots and weapons. Unlock special powers like Aegis Defense and Magna Shield to avoid the attacks of your rivals. Do your best and prepare for an amazing combat experience. Prevent yourself from defeating early and showing your nerves of steel by using the Health Kit in an hour of need.
Techno upgrades
Choose from over 45 options, the robot that best expresses your personality! Face the biggest rivals in your best character that has life like intricate details and immaculate animations. When the biggest clash rivals, make sure you stand out from the rest! Join the ranks of Metal Warriors! Unlock the heroes, enter the final contest!
Open Patogrounds Exotic
Take a step back and watch in awe as we take you to hauntingly realistic places like Desert Safari, City Square Bridge, Tomb of the Kings, Dr. Dragan's Labs, Mother Ship, Moscow Streets, Amazon Trenches and many more. Supreme rule in huge battlefields that can barely contain these towering combat machines. Prove yourself in every map and use different strategies and tactics to emerge victorious from the battle!

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Download game Action clash of robots mod apk