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When the huge gate opened, darkness dominated the world and people complained of despair.

Over time, people were talking about a legendary girl who closed the gate and saved the world.

One day, a girl came from a place and entered the gate.

● Game introduction ●

This dungeon is full of heartless puzzles and monsters.
You must pass all these obstacles and reach the end of the dungeon to save the world.

As a rogue-like game, if the player dies during the game, the game must start from the beginning.

Every time you restart the game, you will see the newly created dungeons and experience a new adventure.
The items you won are also gone, so you have to start a new game without anything.

Fortunately, the runes and the literal recipes that you earned will remain a memory particle. When you erase your boss or die, you will get a "Memory Particle", with which you can earn runes and craft recipes.

Runes give special strength to players.
With craft recipes, you can collect materials and make powerful artifacts while playing the game.

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Download game Darkness Survival APK