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Wormix - a turn-based tactical game where you can fight on PvP and against the computer or your friends using dozens of weapons and countless fighting strategies.

Please note: Wormix requires 1GB RAM.

Tactics are everything
You cannot win this game simply by relying on an opportunity. All of your abilities will be tested, not the least of which is your reaction speed, your goal and your skills as a strategist.

Multiple game modes
Refine your skills in single player missions. Battle in the PvP squares on multiplayer mode. Invite your friends to test their strength in duels. Master your style, defeat bosses one or one or with a partner.

Awesome races
Ferocious Boxers, Infernal Demons, Smart Rabbits, Tricky Cats, Cold-blooded Zombies - What Race Will You Choose? Each race has its own characteristics that influence the outcome of the battle.

Mind-blowing arsenal
Over 70 different types of weapons in the game store: flying saucers, spiders, teleport, ropes, jet packs and a whole host of other tools.

Create your own character
Discover new hats and artifacts, change your character's appearance, improve their skills and gain incredible abilities.

Maps without limits
Prepare for an exciting journey in every stunning corner of Wormix Universe, as islands in the sky clear the ruins of major cities and the lost planets move to ghost towns 

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Download game Wormix APK|ِArcade