How to get Lose Belly Fat in a week


Because obesity and the accumulation of fat in the body, especially belly fat (rumen), are linked to many negative effects on health, and also to its effect on the external form and the associated psychological and social effects, many are looking for ways to get Lose Belly Fat in the fastest possible way, and we will talk about this Article on effective and realistic ways to get Lose Belly Fat without relying on imaginary or ineffective methods.

Get Lose Belly Fat in a week

A week is a very short time for losing all the extra weight or getting rid of the belly completely, but it is undoubtedly a sufficient period to lose weight and abdominal fat and start getting satisfactory results, especially if the diet and exercise are combined for a minimum of 10 hours Weekly, you must continue with these steps and commit to changing lifestyle, habits and behaviors to their healthy alternatives until the required weight is reached and the accumulated fat in the rumen is removed.

Body fat and its distribution

The fat in the human body can be divided into two types: essential fat and stored fat. Essential fat represents what the body needs to do its physiological functions naturally, and it is found in the bone marrow, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, muscles, and some tissues of the nervous system Basic fats represent 3% of body fat in men and 12% in women. As for stored fats, they represent those stored in the form of triple fat in the fat tissue, found under the skin and around the internal organs, and serves the function of protecting these organs from external shocks. As you like T fat stored basic store energy in the body, where it is the energy needed by the body for many physiological processes grants, such as growth and reproduction, and it serves as a store of energy if the low level of energy obtained by the body from food and gives excess energy needs during exercise.

When we measure body weight, we obtain a general indicator of its health, but we cannot determine the amount of fat in the body by weight alone, nor can we determine the distribution of this fat in the body, and in general the normal percentage of fat in men's bodies ranges between 8% To 24%, and in women from 21% to 35%, and the proportion is higher in women due to the high amount of essential fat that a woman’s body needs to carry out its normal functions, and these percentages in athletes may drop to 5% to 10% in men and to 15% to 20 % In women so that the fat does not overburden their bodies and interfere with the activities that they engage in, and in exchange some people need to have It has higher fats, such as those who live in very cold areas to isolate body temperature, and women need fat in order to be able to secrete the main hormones for childbearing, and exceeding the minimum body fat may cause infertility and depression, in addition to the lack of proper body control by feeling hungry, and feeling cold.

The method of distributing fat in the body can be more important than its size and weight, as obesity that is associated with the accumulation of fat inside the abdominal area and surrounding the internal organs in the abdomen is called central obesity, and it is linked independently to a higher risk of heart disease, stroke And high blood pressure, diabetes, and some types of cancer, also linked to the short life expectancy, as the presence of these fats is associated with a decrease in the secretion of adiponectin, which performs functions that combat diabetes, atherosclerosis and infections.

Moderate obesity is more common in men and in postmenopausal women to a lesser extent, since the amount of fat in the abdomen is more in men than in women whose bodies contain the same size of full fat. As for the accumulated fat in the lower part of the body, it is more common in women of childbearing age, and in general, these fats are not harmful to health, as people who are overweight without accumulating fat in the abdomen are less likely to develop chronic diseases than people who suffer Of the same extra weight but with the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

Measure of mean obesity

The waist circumference is used as a measure of the distribution of fat in the body, and in general the waist circumference should not exceed 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men. Fat in it must be calculated BMI and measure the waist circumference.

The basics of getting rid of belly fat (rumen)

One of the most common mistakes is the belief that a person can make a diet to reduce the fat of a specific area of the body, as there are no specific foods that can specifically target their work towards belly fat, buttocks or other, but what a person must follow to get Lose Belly Fat is an action A healthy weight loss diet in addition to regular exercise, and lifestyle changes must be made gradually in order to get rid of body fat, including belly fat. Some studies have found a relationship between exercising and getting rid of abdominal fat in particular.

The relationship between diet and abdominal fat (rumen)

Diet therapy (dieting) is the most effective and fastest solution to reduce weight and total fat in the body compared to exercising or taking medications without diet, as weight loss needs to reduce calories consumed by those that the body burns daily (daily needs of the body from calories Calorie), which maintains its weight when consumed, and the low-calorie diet produces the best result in making this equation go toward losing weight.

The relationship between exercise and abdominal fat (rumen)

Studies and research suggest a direct relationship to exercise, especially aerobic, to reduce the mass of abdominal fat, which includes the internal fat surrounding the organs, and therefore sport is the ideal solution for abdominal fat and treatment of moderate obesity and reduce the risk of diseases associated with it.

Some scientific studies have found that exercising medium to severe for 8 weeks works to reduce belly fat, and most studies have used aerobic exercises to examine the effect of exercise on abdominal fat, and also found an effective effect of resistance exercises, and some research has found that the size of the ability of exercises Aerobic abdominal fat reduction is directly related to the size of these exercises that are practiced, so say if you decrease and increase if you increase, with the conclusion that the minimum to obtain an effect in reducing abdominal fat is exercise at least 10 hours of aerobic exercise per week, and examples of aerobic exercises are T can be practiced; brisk walking, jogging or stationary bike. Some studies have found that practicing aerobic exercises reduces the abdominal fat surrounding the organs even if it does not result in weight loss, but there is not yet conclusive scientific evidence for that result, which can explain the role of exercise Aerobic exercise improves health indicators independently of weight loss.


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How to get Lose Belly Fat in a week